Our Philosophy

Mosaic Valuation Services was founded in response to a growing number of larger appraisal firms and management companies who have abandoned human connections and high touch customer service, instead relying on impersonal web portals and inexperienced processors with limited knowledge of the industry. Mosaic realizes that each mortgage loan represents a borrower, a REAL person, who is partaking in one of the largest financial transactions of their lifetime. With Mosaic, every customer is heard and supported through the appraisal process by experienced professionals – by a real person, for a real person.

We leverage our decades of experience solving the most challenging appraisal problems with our network of proven professionals with deep experience in their market areas. We build true partnerships with our customers by providing a primary contact for our clients to call when something is needed.

Being appraisers ourselves, we understand the time constraints in real estate transactions as well as the complexities that property valuations can bring. Our team identifies best possible options for our partners no matter the property and deadline. We get the job done when most other AMCs throw up their hands. And all reports we deliver undergo a quality control review by a member of our staff of experienced, licensed appraisers, with whom you can speak if ever in need of assistance.

While well-versed in traditional appraisals, we fulfill all the residential valuation needs of our customers. Alternative valuation products such as hybrid and desktop appraisals are gaining popularity in some market areas, and Mosaic is dedicated to guiding its customers in this era of change. We partner with third party inspection providers and appraisers with experience completing bifurcated appraisals. Our broad product base allows us to build customized solutions to fit your unique needs.

At Mosaic, we truly care about your business – our success is the long-term success of our valued customers. We get the job done.